5 Easy routines that will make You a Winner

You know how they say that the only way to get anywhere is by taking the first step?

This post is not going to reveal anything that will change your life from one minute to the next. It is implied by the word “routine”, of course! But it might change the way you think about strategies to become successful.

When we realize that life is chaotic and out of control, everything we understand by routines becomes, suddenly, very appealing.
Because routines are peaceful and predictable and allow us to make plans and have fun and feel good and that prepares us for success.

Declutter your thoughts

Chaos comes hand in hand with sudden change, when everything we thought was going well takes a turn for the worse and we don’t know how to go back to being in control of our emotions again. This can be disruptive and won’t help us move forward towards success.

Think of routines as positive habits.
Routines don’t become routines all of a sudden, they are permanent traits of behavior and are usually not fully appreciated. Successful people tend to follow very strict routines.

A very important part of being successful in our professional lives is ruled by our routines and how dependable we become for our company and associates. And mostly for ourselves.
And that is when routines come very handy and prevent us from burning out.

A well trained brain finds resources

Because our brain will have more power to focus on the really important things and we won’t get as tired while aiming for the moon. Compartmentalization of our thought process is extremely important: choosing how we use our brain is what makes us success oriented machines. There are thousands of small decisions we must take every day and it can get very distracting if we don’t have a strong mind frame.

The first step to success is to hack our brain effectiveness by setting routines, so we don’t have to worry about every little thing that is a distraction. If we can determine a set of good routines, the power of our mind will, in turn, organize everything around us.

A winning attitude is a habit

These are my own routines for success, you can adopt your own set of routines, the important thing is how to hack your brain to work in automatic success mode. Stick to them religiously:


Set the alarm clock for the same time every day.

I know, you don’t have to get up early on Sunday so why should you? I agree with you, if you partied the night away, sleeping in is a good way to restore your energies.

But, if you did not do anything too demanding, then set the alarm for the same time as if it was any regular weekday. There will be a day when you won’t need to set up the alarm clock, you will naturally wake up at the same time every day and your brain will be less confused. It has to do with our internal rhythms.


Have a glass of water before eating anything in the morning.

Replenishing the fluids we sweat at night makes our system work better:  our kidneys get rid of toxins more effectively and we cast away possible headaches and pains just because we are better hydrated. Take two glasses of water!

You are a winner Tiger!


Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Think hard if you have to. There must be three things you are proud of or grateful for. Think of the big things in life: family and friends. Think of the amazingly sweet pet you have and be grateful for it. Nothing yet? What about your shiny hair or the new pair of glasses you got? It doesn’t have to be transcendental things, our brain works better when we are grateful for something. It promotes other positive thoughts that usually turn into new ideas and accomplishments.

Being grateful prepares you for success


Take care of your hygiene at the same time every day and stick to a well thought out plan.

Try the new exfoliant lotion on a day when you don’t have to go to work or when you don’t need to worry about the main objective for the day.
Laser focus vision of your strategies for that day and, how you are going to tackle anything that gets in between you and your goals, comes from not getting distracted at all.

The amazing energy of water brings ideas

If you can visualize your goals by using a visualization board or any other technique that works for you, then turn your brain into a visualizing machine as well and jump in the shower thinking of your day ahead. For some reason many people get amazing ideas while showering, you don’t want to occupy your brain thinking of the exfoliating lotion when you are preparing for a successful day.


Walk out of your home with your right foot first.

Wait what? I know, it sounds like a superstitious senseless ritual. But it is not. It is again, the power of visualization. If you take that first step thinking “today is the day!” you are already setting yourself up for victory and anything you set your mind up for, you will get. So, you better think of victory when you get out to face the world, because good luck doesn’t exist.

What we perceive as good luck in others is nothing else but determination and discipline.

A winning attitude attracts Success!

And guess what? Determination and discipline, the keys to success, come from organized minds, not from scattered thoughts. And following routines helps us get rid of scattered thoughts.

In time, when you have these 5 routines under the belt (or the ones you choose) you can go ahead and start enjoying Your Success.

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